How to Connect Zaptec EV Chargers with the Zerofy App


  • Own a Zaptec EV Charger that’s connected to the internet.
  • Have a registered account on the Zaptec portal.

Connecting Your Zaptec EV Charger with Zerofy

Enter your Zaptec portal credentials in Zerofy to sync your EV charger.

Features and Things to Know

Once integrated, you can:

  • Control and monitor your EV charging remotely.
  • Track energy usage and charging patterns.
  • Integrate EV charging into your home energy management, for example charge on excess solar with Run on Solar.

Note: consumption data shows up in the app only once charging sessiosn are complete and the vehicle has been disconnected from the charger. (As long as it is plugged in the sessions will not be reported).